Thanks for your views Jay! You make valid points!

And by the first point I mean that I have a perspective that I'm sharing, but I don't consider it the absolute truth. I wouldn't want to force it on anyone. I'm sharing it because I find it helpful, and if someone feels the same way, they're welcome to adopt it too. But I certainly wouldn't judge others for different perspectives.

And by telling others to learn to enjoy the ambiguity, I certainly don't mean to say that you shouldn't even try to solve them. I just want to highlight that you'll never have all the answers, and you should learn to enjoy that, instead of hating that.

Regarding indifference, I just want to worry less about things that don't matter to me. By this, I don't want to create standards of truth for the whole world, but only for myself.


Anyway, thanks for reading Jay, and also for your perspectives! They've given me something to think about and I'm grateful!


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