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Akshad Singi
2 min readMar 29, 2024

Life is a beautiful gift.

Thankfully, I realized this truth very early on in life.

Ever since that epiphany, I’ve wanted to make the most out of my life. And so, I’ve always been super fascinated with all things related to self-improvement.

That is also why I started writing online, to use writing as a tool to understand personal excellence better and help others do the same.

So far, Medium has been the only platform I wrote on. But now, I’m launching Mechanics of Mastery — my personal newsletter.

In this newsletter, I’ll share actionable insights based on biology, psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality to help you develop a deep and nuanced understanding of how personal mastery works. I aim to help you develop an insanely methodical approach to individual greatness.

That’s why, I named the newsletter “The ‘Mechanics’ of Mastery”.

Contrary to popular practice, I’ve decided against fixing how frequently I send out emails. That’s because I believe that if you fix the quantity of the work that needs to be done, the quality becomes variable.

So instead of sending out an “okayish” piece because I’m reaching a weekly deadline, I will send out an “extraordinarily helpful” piece when it’s truly ready and full of value.

I don’t want to create content. I want to impart wisdom.

What does that mean for you, if you choose to subscribe to my newsletter? It just means that if you receive an email from me, it’s genuinely going to be full of value — and you’re gonna want to read it. That’s a promise.

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