I’m Speaking on Medium Day: “Algorithmic Thinking Has Killed The True Gift of Writing”

Will I see you there?

Akshad Singi
2 min readAug 8


Writing is holy to me.

If we look at it superficially, it’s helped me build a small following of 10K on this platform. And it has also helped me make a decent sum of money every month. But those are not the reasons writing is so important to me.

Writing is holy to me because it has completely transformed my inner world. It has transformed my methods of thinking. It’s helped me know myself infinitely better. And it’s become a vessel for me to express myself. These, I believe, are the true gifts of writing — not the numbers or the money.

Of course, these true gifts are inherent to the process — but I believe that algorithmic thinking is beginning to corrupt that very process of writing. And hence, the abstract gifts of writing are starting to elude many of us.

That saddens me.

And hence, I’m holding a 30-minute session on Medium Day at 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time called, “Algorithmic Thinking Has Killed The True Gift of Writing”.

In this session:

  • I will discuss in depth what the true gift of writing actually is.
  • I’ll discuss why writers are inclined to chase the algorithmic gifts of writing instead of the true gifts.
  • I’ll share a three-fold solution to optimize your writing for inner growth — rather than just statistical growth.
  • And at the end of the talk, we also have some time for me to answer any questions that you might have.

Nothing would give me more pleasure than for you to attend the session.

If you want to do that, make sure you’ve registered for Medium Day (It’s free). Also, you can go through the schedule, find my session and others, and add them to your calendar. That’ll help you get the best out of Medium Day. Also, in case you want to attend a particular session but cannot due to time constraints, you can watch the recorded sessions later as well.

That’s it from my end! I hope to see you there.



Akshad Singi

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