I think that is what liberation means in philosophical terms: to rise above life; to not exist anymore.

However, looking at our own lives we're too attatched to things that don't serve any purpose. We give way too much importance to people's opinions, news from around the world or even really trivial things that do nothing but bring us misery.

For me, I'm practicing indifference towards things that don't really matter. And obviously, I care about certain things in life like writing, family, friends, etc. And on introspection, I feel all of us will find that much of our misery comes from trivial things we give way too much importance.

The point I wanted to make was not to be indifferent to everything. But to be indifferent to almost everything. And only care about things that really matter.


11x top writer. Using mindfulness to induce an inner revolution. Open to gigs. Get in touch: akshadwrites@gmail.com

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