Hey Shannon. This was truly heartbreaking to read.

I'll be honest, there's nobody else on Medium that i respect as much as you. What you're doing for yourself and your daughter is incredible. It's not something that even the most successful self-help writers will be able to pull off.

And it is just sad. It's more than sad. It's ugly. Considering how much money the cream of this platform makes, and how much their influence and reach is, they should be easily able to help you raise the money you need.

I don't know if you need to hear this, but I'll say it anyway. I understand that publishing this post must have been hard. For so many reasons. But as a reader, I'm incredibly glad you published this post.

I'll do my part in helping you any way I can. By spreading word, and by making a contribution.

You're awesome Shannon. I hope the world learns from you what true courage and authenticity is. And I truly hope you raise all the money you need.

- Akshad

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