Great read! The pro-choice v/s pro-life debate is certainly an interestng one.

What most people aren't intellectual enough to understand is that the answer is not black or white. It's grey.

For instance: pro-lifers argue that life begins at conception when an ebryo is formed, and hence, abortion is murder. However, an embryo does not equal life--an embryo equals potential for life. Just like a seed does not equal a tree, it equals a potential for a tree. Throwing away seeds is not equivalent to cutting trees. No enviromentalist will haunt you for throwing away seeds. Similarly, aborting an embryo does not equal murder. If killing an embryo was murder, male masturbation would be mass murder; since sperms too hold the potential for life.

On the other hand, pro-choicers also have to understand that abortion is not always okay. For instance, if in the future we have better methods and abortion becomes safe even in the last days of pregnancy, would abortion be moral even then? I don't think anyone would be comfortable killing a baby one day before it's born. That actually will feel like murder.

So the answer is not black or white. It lies somewhere in between. It's grey. Perhaps at 24w; allowing abortion max uptill 24w, gives the woman ample time to make a decision about her own body, and also forbids killing of a fetus very similar to a baby.


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