Coaching Services: Learn “The Harmonious Hustling System” From Me

I’m willing to bet that this is the last productivity system you will ever need.

Akshad Singi
6 min readFeb 14, 2024

Two years ago, I accidentally discovered an approach to productivity while managing my studies in medical school — and I kid you not — it fucking transformed my entire life.

It helped me kick ass in medical school, win several medical quizzes across India, grow on Medium as a writer, manage studies alongside hectic 90-hour workweeks in the hospital, work out religiously, transform my relationship with food, read tons of books, get certified as a scuba diver, travel across India, and spend tons of quality time with friends and family.

And most importantly — I did all of this with utter, reality-defying peace and joy. I wasn’t burnt out. I was fired up. On the outside, to people around me, it looked like I was working my ass off. But inside, I felt as calm as the surface of a serene lake.

The “Peace and Joy” component is what stood out for me with this approach I stumbled upon. In this fast-paced world, there are several hustlers out there. Their ambition, coupled with an environment that incentivizes hustling — people do work their asses off. But the issue is, that most people lose themselves in the process.

Take South Korea. It arguably has the most hard-working people on the planet, and they get shit done. But it also has one of the highest rates of suicides. Forget the stats. I’ve witnessed the mental health side effects of burnout firsthand in my med school, as three people have committed suicide in my college so far — and there have been many more attempts.

This approach came as a blessing to me from divine consciousness — I can’t even claim it. It taught me how to keep up and even excel in a fast-paced world while maintaining my joy and peace.

As a writer, I’ve long believed that I shouldn’t write something for my own sake, but only if the world needs to read it. And that’s what I feel about my coaching services as well.

After discovering the approach two years ago, I immediately knew that this is something that the world needs to know. Hence, I spent the last two years understanding its power, testing it with people around me, and iterating it to create a holistic system before sharing it with the world. And now, I feel it’s ready!

I’ve given it a name: The Harmonious Hustling System — because it’ll help you hustle to your highest degree — while still being joyous as hell.

And I’ve decided to coach it to others one-on-one. Let me give you an overview.

What “The Harmonious Hustling System” will help you achieve:

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

— James Clear

Let’s tackle this in three sections.

Quantity of work

Screenshots from Author’s Heptabase.
  • 10-year consistency: This system will teach you a method based on principles of (1) habit science, (2) flexibility, and (3) elasticity to be consistent at something on a scale of 10 years.
  • Ever-increasing work ethic: This system will help you quantify and scale your work ethic to your desired ceiling using principles of (1) gamification and (2) neuroplasticity.

Quality of work

  • Achieve the current ceiling of quality: This system will help you achieve the current ceiling of quality of work — based on your present knowledge — by enforcing two layers of focus. You will go from experiencing several non-actionable worries and anxieties to focusing on a few chosen goals — and then from those goals to a few actionable processes using (1) 25/3 framework and (2) process-based goals.
  • Pushing that ceiling of quality: And then, this system will teach you how to slowly push the ceiling of your quality of work using intentional optimization.

Joy and Peace

It’s entirely possible that you already work very hard, and very smart — but what about joy and peace? In the context of your goals, this system will methodically help you:

  • Stop regretting the past: By building a quantifiable proof of work, improvement, and results.
  • Stop escaping the present: By teaching you how to actually enjoy your work — and be joyfully lost in it so that you feel like working, instead of pushing yourself to do it.
  • Stop fearing the future: By cumulatively increasing your self-belief using proof of work, and spiritual wisdom — and teaching you how to detach yourself from results using the principle of input-output duality.

When all three of the above happen, you will experience an unprecedented immersion in bliss and joy.

I’m not claiming any of the above out of thin air. What I will teach you is a system — that takes one minute of your day to maintain (not kidding) — that ties all of these abstract concepts into a beautiful practical framework. And I promise, it’s not at all complex. I bet that (in time) you will be stunned by the juxtaposition of its immense power — yet its utter simplicity.

I even shared it with my friend Neeramitra Reddy, who’s already a high-performing beast, and he adopted it as well!

Screenshot from author’s LinkedIn.

You might be wondering that if you have ambition and drive — do you need a system anyway? And the answer is yes, you do.

Ambition and drive are like fuel for your car. They’re necessary. But if your car has square wheels or a shitty engine — how far can the fuel take your car before it breaks down — or burns out?

A productivity system removes the everyday friction of the practical world so that your ambition and drive can do their work — without resistance.


Who this coaching system is for:

If you’re someone who:

  • Struggles to build good habits and routines, or break bad ones.
  • Feels burnt out by trying to manage the chaos of the many facets of life.
  • Works very hard, but isn’t truly enjoying life.
  • Feels like they keep starting from scratch over and over again, without any feeling of progress.
  • Feels that they’re not fulfilling their potential, and want to put in more into life.

… then it’s for you.


  • Whatsapp communication with me, with replies to your queries in 24–48 hours.
  • Weekly calls to discuss issues and advancement.

My aim:

I’m a big believer in coaching, but I don’t feel that you should be forever dependent on a productivity/life coach.

Rather, it’s much better to hire a productivity/life coach once for a few months to learn how to manage your life better — and once you’re skilled at that — you can invest your money in other coaches who can provide you with specific and deep knowledge of the field you wish to excel at.

I aim to help you understand this productivity system through and through — from abstract concepts to practical application — with all the little nuances and edge cases — so that you never need a productivity/life coach anymore after this. Not even me.

How to reach out to me:

  • You can also reach out to me at with a list of the goals you’re trying to achieve, and how you’re struggling with them.
  • Alternatively, you can also leave a comment on this post and I’ll let you know if and how I can help you!

That’s it from my end. Hope to see you on the other side.



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