A curveball indeed! And no, you're not being negative. You raise a very valid point!

To answer your question--Living as a complete recluse in a hut may not be possible. Especially if you're to raise a family!

What I wanted to convey from this article was to bring at least some amount of reclusiveness in our lives!

As you said, you need to have adequate accommodation and adequate pay for your said house! But for many of us, we have much more than adequate and we're still trying to get more only to inflate our egos.

For instance, everyone wants to be a billionaire. But honestly, no one really needs that amount of money to be happy. It's not really the money we chase. It's the 'billionaire' status. We want to be respected more. Because our minds are wired for social approval.

And say someone has two job offers. One which he loves to do and has more than adequate pay that will suffice his needs. Second, with a much, much larger pay but that he doesn't like very much. What do you think people choose? The second one. And I'm not judging! I would too! Money is just that powerful!

All I'm saying is that we should learn to be able to take a step back on our monetary needs if we find something that we truly love to do that pays lesser but still enough.

I'm facing this decision myself! I'm studying medicine right now. And I love medicine but I feel even more drawn to writing. And it's obvious that I'll probably make much more money as a surgeon than a writer. But I may want to be a full-time writer someday.

And It's not like I'm quitting college! I just want to be prepared that if someday, I make enough money as a writer, I'm able to let go of that desire for extra money to step back and do what I love!

But yes, until we get that adequate amount of money, we should do whatever we 'have to' to get that amount.


Phew, that was long. You gave me something to think about! Thanks for that! And I hope I was able to respond adequately to your questions!

Also, say Hi to your kids for me!


11x top writer. Using mindfulness to induce an inner revolution. Open to gigs. Get in touch: akshadwrites@gmail.com

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