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Two days ago, I was meditating at the promenade in Pondicherry — a city on India's East coast. Normally, my chosen anchor for meditation is my breath. However, that day it was the sound of waves. Whenever I started to drift off into the sea of thoughts, I’d slowly bring my attention back to the waves in the sea.

After a while, something amazing happened. Slowly, and unintentionally, my breath started to sync in with the waves. Inhale — the wave would rise. Exhale — the wave would crash. It was extraordinary.

In fact, every single one of the last…

And how to overcome them.

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There are two mistakes along the way to mastery: not starting it, and not going all the way — Buddha

I’m in the middle of an inner revolution where I’m going all-in on mindfulness to go all-in in my life. After reading about a monk who burned himself to death, yet sat absolutely motionless while being consumed by flames, I realized that mindfulness is much more potent than I comprehended.

Besides, it’s these monks that have the most insane work ethic. They spend a very significant part of their days meditating. That cannot be easy to do over and over…

The perspective that led Buddha to liberation.

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Two years ago, my brother asked me a question that would go on to change my life. “Should we try out Vipassana this year?” Owing to brotherly trust and oblivious to what I was signing up for, I said, “Sure. Why not. What’s Vipassana by the way?”

Vipassana, he told me, was a meditation technique rediscovered by Gotama the Buddha through rigorous self-experimentation in an attempt to end suffering. In our time, it was S. N. Goenka who reintroduced Vipassana to the world.

Vipassana has helped millions of people live a better life, including people like Jack Dorsey, the CEO…

I did. And it was one hell of a week.


Two factors helped me reach an amazing idea.

  • A while ago, I read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield and decided to turn pro as a writer. And within a few days of that decision, I realized that to turn pro as a writer, I also have to turn pro as a reader. And ever since, I’ve been reading like crazy.
  • Two —due to the first factor, I also read Skip The Line by James Altutcher. And one way to skip the line, says James in his book, is to conduct experiments every day.

Alright, James, you got it.

For one…

This just in — you have more than one sense.

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Have you ever felt like you’ve seen the light? That’s what I felt when I discovered this trick. It completely changed the game for me. I read five books in the last two weeks! It usually takes me three months to finish five books. I’m that slow a reader. But this trick changed everything.

Here’s the trick — Listen to audiobooks at the same time as you’re reading. Not alternating between the two, but doing both simultaneously.

When I asked a few of my writer friends about this, I learned that all but one knew about this. This makes me…

It’s time to skill up.

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In the book Range, the author David Epstein discusses why people who know many different skills (generalists) triumph in today's world. He argues that the problems we’re facing in this world right now are complex, and hence, it’s someone who has experience in multiple fields, that’ll be able to come up with innovative solutions.

Hence, learning multiple skills, even though they might not seem very relevant to your own career, is important. And in this article, I want to share 4 books that can teach you four of such important skills. Let’s dive in!

The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo

I recently read about the 30/150/Millions

Here’s how to overcome them every day.

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Resistance is what’s ruining our lives.

And the sad truth about resistance is that it never goes away. We have to overcome it day in and day out to work on our calling. We have to learn how to look resistance in the eye and scare it away.

As Steven Pressfield says in his book Turning Pro, how we deal with this resistance is precisely what decides if we’re an amateur or a pro.

The amateur gives in to the resistance. The amateur has a million plans, but because they give in to the resistance, they all begin tomorrow. …

Concepts that have helped me almost liberate myself from comparison-induced unhappiness.

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The method of exhaustion to find out areas of various polygons was a pivotal moment in the history of mathematics. It proved to be the precursor to calculus.

Exhaustion is a method of finding the area of a shape by inscribing inside it a sequence of polygons whose areas converge to the area of the containing shape. If the sequence is correctly constructed, the difference in area between the nth polygon and the containing shape will become arbitrarily small as n becomes large.

For instance, earlier, it was unknown that the circle area could be calculated as πr². So Archimedes…

The disconnect between success and humility is troubling.


Billie Eilish’s journey so far has been extraordinary.

From uploading her first song, Ocean Eyes, online when she was thirteen to winning 7 Grammy awards before turning twenty, her story has been truly exceptional.

However, long before the world knew Billie, she’s been in love with Justin Bieber. As she said on a radio talk show, she is completely obsessed with Justin. In the show, she played an old video of hers from when she was just eleven, where she mentions that she’s afraid that she'll not be able to love her future boyfriend like she loves Justin.

So you…

I dove into the reading list of a pro.


This month, I decided to turn pro as a writer. And inevitably, only a few days later, I realized that if I have to turn pro as a writer, I also have to turn pro as a reader. After all, there’s no writing if there’s no reading.

And I started thinking about all the facets of reading and how to optimize them. Of course, before you even begin reading, you have to choose what you read. There are hundreds of thousands of books on this planet! How do you decide which ones are worth your time?

Then, I realized that…

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